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New to SAGA with Romano-British

Where newcomers presents themselves

New to SAGA with Romano-British

Postby Kriegsspiele » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:33 am


I'm new to Saga and I'm starting in a local league with "Romano-British" soon. My precise goal is to play both in the long run: Romans and Britons from Aetius & Arthur! I thought about starting Saga several times, but Dark Age or even Crescent & Cross never appealed to me. - But now there are Romans! Late Romans - but still Romans! And on top there are the Britons covering the Arthurian legends. That's awesome!

I found the GBP Roman Warband and think it's a good starter box for both armies. I will of course add a Manubalista right from the start - but want to play lots of games at the 4 points level first before I expand into: cavalry? Or war dogs? Or some Sea Wolves for the Britons? There are so many options for the pretty different boards.

Is there anything I should consider or do right now?

Is there anything I should not consider or do right now?

Thanks for your suggestions and thoughts!
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