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Two Gladiators per Player or Two Player Ludus

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Two Gladiators per Player or Two Player Ludus

Postby dr_mole » Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:07 am

Has anyone any experience playing with just two gladiators per player? I want to run a participation game for the public outside the special gladiator exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and want to keep the options simpler for the participants. If you play with just two figures, would you halve the number of cards each player starts with and draws? Would you halve the movement and attack numbers on the Jugula cards too? Presumably in this accelerated match the first player to inflict two wounds on the other would win.

Also, has anyone any experience in splitting control of a standard four figure team between two players? In other words each player controlling two figures and getting half, rounded up, of the normal hand of cards, halving movement and attack numbers on cards, sharing a single deck of cards, etc. This way you could entertain at a club night six or eight players, where each pair of players shares a deck of cards and shares control of four figures.


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