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Irish Troubles

Where general questions that don’t fit into any other area are asked

Re: Irish Troubles

Postby ninja-elbow » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:03 pm

Played another Norman vs. Irish (using C&C scenario... the first one... where you just score slaughter points and need to win by 3 I believe) game last weekend. Admittedly, my buddy playing Irish doesn't have full handle on them yet but he's a good player in general.

I played with William the ******* and had a unit of crossbow warriors and archer warriors. Using William's abilities I shot up the Irish good. I never committed my Norman Deathstar until the very end but that attack sort of flopped, and the Irish were able to rally and pull a draw. Basically I handed him the points.

Them javelin volleys are a pain in the butt (when they work)!

The main thing that I noticed was that all my Normans were at a lesser armor (crossbows, archers, mounted) and all his Irish had javelins and took advantage of that. That said, I had 2 ranged units that were some-what effective against the lower Irish armor to shooting. IT's got me thinking... :idea:
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Re: Irish Troubles

Postby johnmuc » Wed May 10, 2017 2:30 pm

Very good discusssion! Thanks!
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