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Phil's Samurai Battleboards and lists

For all things regardings Samouraïs and Ninjas

Re: Phil's Samurai Battleboards and lists

Postby veteran25 » Sun Oct 25, 2015 12:29 am

We are making slow progress with this, but progress none the less. We have playtested a couple more boards (Uesugi & Date) resulting in further tweaks. As the BB are altered I will update the images.

Please, everyone feel free to dip their oar in, especially regarding the boards. Look forward to more.
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Re: Phil's Samurai Battleboards and lists

Postby coachB » Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:56 pm

Looking forward to seeing the new work on the boards. I have noticed that the mounted Samurai began the transition from bow armed to spear/yari armed. Then falling back upon the sword after the yari was rendered useless in close quarter fighting. Looks like it started mid 1500s and was completed by beginning of 1600. Earlier wars up to the 1500, the foot Samurai was a master bowman, relying on sword as last result. So for before 1500, the Foot Samurai that makes up the Hearthguard should be armed with bow. Then either give them a +1 to all to shooting hit rolls or buff them from the BB. Before the 1500 period the Ashigaru should be levies. After the 1500, the Ashigaru were getting more training and should be moved to warrior status with yari. Maybe leave bow armed Ashigaru as Levies. However once the teppo troops were introduced they would be warriors because it took more training. And by the teppo usage, all Ashigaru with sword/yari/teppo would be warrior class with peasants filling the role of foot bowmen.

I also feel that any Warband would have the ability to purchase feared samurai or heroes for lack of better description. Create them like the Curaidh of the Irish, they could be mounted or on foot.
Well that's my 2cents for this time.
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Re: Phil's Samurai Battleboards and lists

Postby Yuusha » Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:49 am

Nice ideas coachB - and good observations!

Maybe they'd be best off like the Franks? One battleboard, but different army compositions depending on the period being looked at. Perhaps there could be a Crusaders like mechanic of honour that the warlord gains during the battle and adds to certain abilities?

E.g. Early period - ashigaru are levy, samurai are warriors or hearthguard (elite e.g. hatamoto). All warrior and hearth guard samurai may be mounted. Only warrior class samurai on foot can have bows, but this does not reduce their armor by 1. Only mounted hearth guard samurai can have bows. This doesn't reduce their armor either. All mounted samurai are -1 armor to shooting. Make sure the battleboard has some abilities for "ashigaru", some for samurai, some for mounted, some for archery.
Late period - Levy are bow armed peasants. Ashigaru are spear armed warriors. Samurai are exclusively hearth guard and may be mounted. Samurai can take heavy weapons (naginata/tetsubo/nodachi) counting as dane axes. Samurai can take bows on horseback or teppo on foot. All mounted samurai are -1 armor to shooting. Ashigaru can take teppo too, but only one teppo armed unit (max size 8) is allowed per army. Teppo count as crossbows, but they don't reduce the armor of unit with them by 1. A late war samurai army *must* have at least one unit of hearth guard.
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Re: Phil's Samurai Battleboards and lists

Postby coachB » Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:41 pm

Yuusha, I like the idea of Honor points. But how to model them, like crusader piety or Jomsvikings wrath? Or maybe Honor points would only be used in a campaign setting that are generated by X to be used for Y. Deciding what X and Y would be sounds like a good research project.
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