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Thrown weapons and melee

Where rules questions are dealt with

Thrown weapons and melee

Postby Jimmywine » Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:14 pm

I may be nitpicking here, but the thrown weapons rules seem a bit of a stretch. Especially when, let's say a unit of Indians throws their tomahawks, knives, clubs and then move into melee. What weapons are they using if they have already thrown their weapons? It seems that throwing weapons should perhaps be a trait, as I doubt all those who wield such weapons have the "Last of the Mohicans"- like ability to put a tomahawk into someone's back at 6" on the table.

Has anyone come up with a revised use of such weapons? Like no melee after throwing away what would be their melee weapons? Or shortening the distance- 6" is a long way. This rule just seems a bit "heroic", perhaps just cutting it out would be best for me, or making it a special trait. Any other ideas are always welcomed.

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Re: Thrown weapons and melee

Postby pyruse » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:50 am

They throw their tomahawks and then go in with spears and clubs.
The rule is a means of reflecting ferocity in combat; don't think of it so literally.
'Thrown weapons' is also a good way of simulating the impact of a highland charge if you use M&T for the 45 rebellion.
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