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MUNDUS Campaign day for Jugula in December in Londonium

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MUNDUS Campaign day for Jugula in December in Londonium

Postby RichJ » Wed Oct 01, 2014 11:51 am

On Saturday 13th we are holding an event at our club, in North London, to raise money for one of our members who is cycling across (a bit) of Africa in aid of a teenage cancer charity. There are X-wing and 40K/Gates of Antares comps and games BUT I am wanting to run a one day JUGULA campaign, each Ludus will start a bit 'pimped' up and there will be a back story to fighting in the Provincial Capital of Londonium.
There will be no fixed fee but we suggest at least a 10 quid donation on the day or to my mates Giving Page.

Hope to get some Spartacus or Jugula themed prizes for the day. We will be playing in 28mm as not all the classes are yet covered in by the GB 36 :(

Anyway come and fight for the GLORY of ... Well whatever you want to fight for I suppose!

Hope to see some GB boyz on tour :) A rematch with Mike is, I am sure he thinks, long overdue :)

Let me know if you are interested. Enfield is easy to get to by Motorway (M25 junction 25 is a mile or two from the club) from the M1 and the M11 from the North and not bad from the west. It is also easy to get to by tube and train from central London.

Rich J
Rich Jones

Saga, Jugula and all sorts of WWII and sci-fi
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